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If you have an unrecognized charge from Webflow, it is likely due to a subscription renewing that was never canceled. Workspace plans and Site plans are managed in different locations, so it may be that you still have one.

Cancel an active Workspace Plan

  1. Log in to your Webflow account
  2. Check that you are in the correct Workspace
  3. Click the "cog" icon to open your Workspace settings
  4. Choose the Plans tab
  5. Click "Downgrade to Starter" under the Starter Workspace plan
  6. Adjust the number of seats to fit your new plan limits (you may be prompted to remove team members and pending member invites before being able to downgrade)
  7. Remove any unhosted sites that don't fit within your new plan limits (e.g., you can have up to 2 on the Starter plan)
  8. Select the reason you are downgrading your plan and type DOWNGRADE in all caps
  9. Click "Downgrade plan" to confirm

Cancel an active Site Plan

  1. Log in to your Webflow account
  2. Go to your Site settings > Plans tab
  3. Choose Downgrade to Starter
  4. Choose the reason you're downgrading and type DOWNGRADE to confirm (DOWNGRADE must be typed in all caps)
  5. Click Downgrade Site plan to immediately unpublish your site

By filling out this form, Webflow Support may cancel the plans associated with the charge.
Do not use this form if you have an account and need assistance regarding your subscriptions. To get support regarding your active account subscriptions, log into your account and request support.