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Webflow Domain Checker

This feature is intended for the recommended domain setup.

If you encounter any difficulties with other configurations, please contact us through the portal for assistance.

Enter your domain below to see if your domain is connected to Webflow correctly or if you need to make any adjustments.

Domain name
Invalid domain name
Please try entering your domain name again in the following format:
No issues found
Try loading your site in a different browser or clearing your cache. If you’ve just updated your DNS records it can take some time to propagate.
Incorrect default domain

This is a common issue that is often caused by either not having a default domain chosen OR having the incorrect domain set as default.

To fix this issue, you need to set the full domain ( as the default domain.

  1. Go to Site Settings → Publishing → Custom Domain
  2. Set the www version of your domain as the default domain as outlined in this Webflow University article.
  3. Publish your site
  4. Visit your site and it should work fine. If you still see the issue, try in incognito mode. If the site still shows the error message, just give it a few minutes or clear the browser cache and try again.
Missing DNS records

It looks like your domain is missing a few DNS records. Add the following records at your DNS host.

Wrong DNS records

It looks like there are some conflicting DNS records on your domain. Make sure to remove the DNS records below in order for your site to load on Webflow.

Domain not published and/or verified

Please make sure you've published your project to your custom domain and completed the verification process. You can find instructions on publishing your project and verifying your domain at the following resources:

Domain unreachable

Please make sure you've entered the correct domain. If the domain is correct, it's worth checking with your DNS provider that your domain is active.

Cloudflare proxy enabled

This 525 error usually happens when the proxy in Cloudflare is toggled on. When using Cloudflare with Webflow, the Proxy Status needs to be toggled off (to DNS only).

Please go into your Cloudflare settings and check the Proxy Status on all domains that are added to the Webflow dashboard. If they are set to Proxied (orange cloud) you will need to toggle those to DNS only (grey cloud).

Contact Webflow Support

We're not quite sure what the issue is with your domain. Send our Support Team an email and someone will be in touch to assist.

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This isn't your domain...
You caught us! is using a unique setup that doesn't use our default DNS records. If you are interested in more advanced hosting options reach out to our Enterprise Sales Team.