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Please check the status of your student discount using the 'Check' button below. Please make sure the email address below matches the email you used in your application.

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Note: It may take up to 8 days for applications to be reviewed. If it has not been 8 days since applying, you should be contacted soon regarding the discount.

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We couldn't find your application

Please make sure that you're logged in with the same email address that you used when applied for the student discount.

You can try logging into the correct account and try checking your student status again.

Your application has been denied

It appears that your application was rejected and you should've received an email from us regarding the decision to reject your application.

If you're able to provide proof of student status you're welcome to reapply for our student discount.

Your student status has expired

It appears that your student status may have expired as they are only available for a 12-month period.

If you're still a student you can reapply for a student discount for another year.

Your code has expired

It appears that your code may have expired, please get in touch with us to receive a new code.

Here's your code

Your student discount code is {code}. Please follow these steps to apply your code:

1. Create a site
2. Go to your project's settings
3. Select the 'Plans & Billing' tab
4. Toggle 'Billed yearly'
5. Select the CMS site plan
6. Add the promo code {code}
7. Press 'Pay now' to complete checkout

Receiving Error that says: Cannot use Promo Code: Promotion only available to students?
When you signed up to the student program you may have selected an incorrect option at the start of the application process. Try to sign up again, and make sure you select the correct option for Question 1, "Do you have a school associated email address?"

If your Webflow account uses a school provided student email address, select "Yes", if you have a personal email address, select "No."

We're still reviewing your application

Our team is still reviewing your application, please wait by for an email from us or check back later.

We've escalated your application to our team

We appreciate your patience and we've escalated your application to our team - we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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